How Horror Villains Would Handle Quarantine – Part 1

Recently, my friend, Felicity (shoutout to Felicity!) and I joked over a Coronavirus meme about Buffalo Bill. This led to a conversation about how Buffalo Bill would be during the quarantine.


Then, Felicity suggested that I make a post about how all the horror villains would handle the pandemic. This was super fun to think about, and it got me out of my block! If you don’t see your favorite villain on this list, don’t worry, because this is only part 1! There will be more parts coming up soon! If there are any you’d like me to include, let me know in the comments!

Michael Myers


I can’t say that people would be safe from Michael Myers during quarantine. He’s had no problem sneaking into houses. However, it’d be a lot harder to mingle among people on the streets. At this point, people would willingly call the police on anyone they see outside. Michael would be caught a LOT sooner.


Jason Voorhees


Jason would be incredibly bored. With everything canceled, especially outdoor activities, visitations to Camp Crystal Lake would be rare. Of course, there will be teenagers and others ignoring self-isolation and deciding to camp out at the now empty lake. Jason’s killing spree would no doubt be slowed down but not stopped completely.


Freddy Krueger


This is Freddy’s golden time. With everyone having to stay home, boredom arises. And what do most people do when they have nothing else to do? They take naps in front of the TV. More people falling asleep = more victims for Freddy.


Carrie White


Obviously, Carrie’s prom would be cancelled. With the prom cancelled, her bullies would be safe from Carrie’s wrath, but I know for a fact a lot of them would ignore the Stay-At-Home order, so they’d be in danger either way. Carrie dodged the prank, but she’d be stuck at home all day every day with her psychotic mother. Carrie would definitely snap.


Annie Wilkes


Annie would definitely use the pandemic to her advantage. Instead of using the snow as an excuse not to take Paul to the hospital, she would say there’s no room at the hospital due to the pandemic. The events in the film would be very similar. The only difference I can think of is that Annie would use the pandemic as an excuse to not even open the door to Buster.


Leatherface and Family


The Hitchhiker would have a lot of difficulty getting any potential victims to give him a ride. Not only that, the family would be very worried about contaminated meat, in both animals and people. I doubt they’d resort to vegetarianism through this crisis, but they’d definitely salvage all of the non-contaminated meat they can find. More caution means less victims.




If the quarantine did indeed happen in the Purge universe, it begs the question – would the pandemic cause the purge to be cancelled? Would the government consider Purge Night essential? Would the purgers and the quarantine protesters be one and the same, or would purgers go out of their way to kill the protesters for making the quarantine last longer? This one is leaving me with more questions than answers.


Jack Torrance


Yeah… I’m pretty sure we all know how that would end up.

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