How Horror Villains Would Handle Quarantine – Part 2

Although places are starting to open up again and people are not really under quarantine anymore, I promised a part 2 and I’m here to deliver! If you haven’t yet, please check out part 1 and let me know your thoughts! Also, let me know if you want me to continue this series!


Herbert West


Herbert would be the one obsessed with finding the cure to the virus. Would he be doing it to save humanity? Most likely not – my guess is that he would do it for the credit and fame. The real question here is how successful he would be in creating the cure. Chances are, he may unintentionally create something much much worse.


Hannibal Lecter


As a captive man, I think Dr. Lecter would be grateful for the large glass keeping him separate from the potentially infected visitors. Also, he definitely wouldn’t go around just biting people. Lastly, like the Sawyer family in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Lecter would be very cautious about who he eats.


John Kramer


Being sick himself, I think seeing people ignoring the social distancing rules and protesting the virus to go golfing would royally tick John Kramer off. He would truly see the lack of empathy and morals that humanity is showing more and more each day. I can imagine most of his targets being protesters, essential items hoarders, and spring breakers.




Before I get into it, I have to ask myself if Chucky would be immune to the virus. As he becomes more human-like in his doll form, I think it’s safe to say he’d be just as susceptible to the virus as everyone else. The real question is, would he care? He’d definitely be more careful about who he transfers his soul into. It can’t just be anybody now.


The Strangers


When asked why they’re attacking people, their response is simply, “because you were home.” With people quarantined, I could see it going down two different ways. Either the strangers would take the opportunity and get themselves a higher body count, or with more people home, finding and killing victims in isolation might be more difficult.


Umbrella Corporation (Spoiler Alert!!)


If you’ve seen The Final Chapter of the Resident Evil series, you’ll know it was revealed that the Umbrella Corporation, mainly Dr. Isaacs, released the T-Virus to wipe out humanity. If they released the T-Virus to wipe out humanity, I guarantee these bastards would be the ones to release the Coronavirus!




Krampus would probably have his work cut out for him. I don’t even want to imagine how Black Friday shopping and Christmas shopping are going to go down this year! But with more bitter souls no longer having the Christmas spirit, Krampus would be punishing a LOT more people!


The Elite Hunters


Their business is about to take a serious hit! With Americans no longer being allowed to travel to Europe, their shop in Slovakia would lose a ton of money. The demented rich pay at least 25,000 dollars for an American tourist, according to the first film. So, this would probably be the only time a wealthy business is actually affected by the virus.

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