Remaking Clue: My Casting Choices

Yes, today I’m discussing a very taboo subject in the film community – remakes! A few months back, I wrote a list of all of the actors I thought could successfully portray Halloween’s Dr. Samuel Loomis. Doing that was a lot of fun and I wanted to do it with full casts. A lot of the films I choose will most likely have remakes already released or in development, like Clue. This is strictly hypothetical and all in good fun.


I based my choices on age (my choices will at least have a 5 year range – younger or older – within the age of the original film’s actors), demeanor, and how I picture their performances overall. Also, unlike my Dr. Loomis article, I’m only picking actors and actresses who are still alive today. (Note: a couple of my casting choices do have a bigger age gap, but they were so perfect to me, I couldn’t exclude them). Let me know your thoughts on who you would cast! 




Original Actor: Tim Curry – My Choice: Ralph Fiennes


Mrs. Peacock


Original Actress: Eileen Brennan – My Choice: Allison Janney


Mrs. White


Original Actress: Madeline Kahn – My Choice: Aubrey Plaza


Professor Plum


Original Actor: Christopher Lloyd – My Choice: Matthew Gray Gubler


Mr. Green


Original Actor: Michael McKean – My Choice: Dave Franco


Colonel Mustard


Original Actor: Martin Mull – My Choice: Nick Offerman


Miss Scarlet


Original Actress: Lesley Ann Warren – My Choice: Isla Fisher




Original Actress: Colleen Camp – My Choice: Brittany Snow


Mr. Boddy


Original Actor: Lee Ving – My Choice: Joe Mantegna 

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