My Top 10 ‘Final Destination’ Deaths

Welcome to Day 6!! Last year, I posted my Top 10 Ghostface Kills. This year, I wanted to do another top 10 list with a different franchise. I thought about Freddy, Chucky, Jason, but after binge-watching the Final Destination franchise recently, I made my decision! I made my choices based on creativity, shock factor, and overall impact. For this particular list, I omitted all premonition kills since they were all prevented. Enjoy and let me know your favorite death in the franchise! (WARNING: VIDEOS CONTAIN GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND MAJOR SPOILERS!!!)

10. Brian’s BBQ

I had to include this one on the list because it is one of my favorite shockers in the whole franchise. Final Destination 2 was all about Death trying to tie up all loose ends that the premonition of Flight 180 created. As the survivors of the highway pileup end up on a farm, Rory (Jonathan Cherry) ended up saving a young boy, Brian (Noel Fisher), from getting hit by a news van. This ended up extending the ripple and Death came back for him via BBQ explosion. The icing on the cake was when his arm landed on his poor mother’s plate. It was a perfect way to end the film, showing us that Death was NOT finished!

9. Rory’s Reveal

This was such an iconic death scene! Rory was one of my favorite characters. Although I was really bummed when he died, the WAY he died was just too epic to exclude! When a nearby news van pierced through their gas tank and a cigarette lit everything up, the van exploded, shooting a chunk of barbed wire fence straight at Rory. In a split second, Rory is split in 3 pieces, giving us one of the gnarliest and most memorable deaths in the whole franchise.

8. Ashley And Ashlyn In Ashes

The reason this one is pretty low on the list, is because although it’s one of the most iconic deaths in the franchise, it’s also one of the most brutal death scenes I’ve ever seen. As Ashley (Chelan Simmons) and Ashlyn (Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe) go to a tanning salon, they end up burning alive in their tanning beds. This was a very slow death and we have to see every detail of it. I have to give it props because it was something that stuck with me for years, and it made me make sure I never step foot in a tanning bed.

7. Nora’s Open And Shut Case

This was a very clever death. As the survivors of the highway disaster meet up, they come up with a way to watch out for signs and they all have phones so they could warn each other wherever they were. Death ended up being so sly, it used the signs against its next victim, Nora (Lynda Boyd). As she, Eugene (Terrence Carson), and a man with a box of hooks were going down in an elevator, fellow survivor Rory saw the sign of the man with hooks. They warned Nora, and she was so terrified when her hair got caught on a hook, she tried to run out of the elevator, but it closed on her neck. If she didn’t get that call, she most likely wouldn’t have lost her head. This was a great example that you can’t escape Death no matter how many precautions you take. 

6. Always Look Both Ways, Terry

This was the first truly shocking death in the franchise. After surviving the flight 180 crash, Carter Horton (Kerr Smith) – despite his girlfriend, Terry’s (Amanda Detmer) pleading – tried to fight Alex (Devon Sawa), the boy who predicted everything, every time he saw him. Terry, fed up with Carter, decided to finally tell him off. All she wanted to do was move on from the tragedy and Carter wasn’t letting her. So, in perfect irony, she told Carter to drop dead… and then, thanks to a speeding bus, she DID drop dead. It was shocking and funny at the same time.

5. Billy’s Beheading

I always felt bad for Billy Hitchcock (Sean William Scott). He dealt with Carter Horton bullying him, and it seemed when Carter was next on Death’s design, Billy finally stood up for himself. I honestly loved Billy’s rant to Carter. It was the ideal way to tell Carter off, and to set up Billy’s inevitable doom.

4. Kat’s Calamity

After crashing into a bunch of pipes, poor Kat (Keegan Connor Tracy) found herself pinned to her seat with a sharp pipe pierced through her seat. We knew that pipe had a hand in her death, but when I first saw it, I had no idea how it was going to happen. The second that airbag went off and her head was pushed into the pipe, my jaw dropped!

3. Ian’s Irony

I just love the irony of this whole situation. After tragically losing his girlfriend, Ian McKinley (Kris Lemche) placed blame on the one who tried to warn them about Death’s design, Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). He stalked her with the intent of killing her. Wendy believed he caused her death because she wore a McKinley shirt in her picture, so she tried to escape but he blocked her way. Little did he know that by standing in her way, he took her place when the giant McKinley sign fell on him. He believed he caused her death, but he unintentionally saved her life.

2. Erin’s Hitting The Nail On The Head

With the body count rising after a roller coaster crash, Wendy and Kevin (Ryan Merriman) tried to convince Ian and his girlfriend Erin (Alexz Johnson) that they are next on Death’s design. Of course, the couple was not only skeptical, they found it rather humorous. Ian jokingly discussed how to defeat the plan, but the laughs stopped once everything came tumbling down. As Kevin saved Ian and everyone was dodging the stakes and wood falling down, Erin was left unprotected. A blast of wind shoved her right into a nail gun that pierced through her head over and over again. It was truly heartbreaking for Ian to watch the woman he loved die so horribly.

1. Evan’s Many Mistakes

I put Evan’s (David Paetkau) death at number 1 because the set up was just too perfect. Another reason is that pretty much everything that happened was based on Evan’s inability to pay attention: from not checking his food before putting it in the toaster oven, to tossing old spaghetti out of his window that he later slipped on while looking straight up. Plus I love the subtle hints to his fate, including him buying an iMac (get it? Eye-Mac?) or the magnets on his fridge that spell Eye after the H tile falls in his food. Overall, it was a very tense scene with a great end!

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