Horror Drinks And Drinking Games! – Part 4

Welcome to Day 14 of Spooky Season! I’m back with part 4 of horror movie drinks and drinking games! These are some horror themed drinks and games for you guys to have fun with this October. If you want to see more, check out my Drinking Games Collection! REMINDER: you must be over 21 to participate in the US. Have fun and please drink responsibly!! (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!)

1. Evil Dead (2013) – “The Coffeenomicon”


1oz Vodka

1oz Coffee Liqueur

1oz Irish Ice Cream

1oz Coffee

Chocolate Syrup

Strawberry Syrup

Whipped Cream

Full Instructions Here!

Evil Dead (2013) Drinking Game

(Rules By: https://codex-mortis.com/evil-dead-2013-drinking-game/)

2. Pet Sematary (1989) – “Church’s 9th Life”


1 1/2oz Bourbon

3/4oz Blueberry Liqueur

1/2oz Lemon Juice

1 dash Bitterman’s Transatlantic Bitters Lemon Peel and Blueberry for garnish

Full Instructions Here!

Pet Sematary (1989) Drinking Game

(Rules By: http://www.reeldrinkinggames.com/pet-sematary-1989.html)

3. Saw – “The Jig & Saw”


1 1/2oz Rum

1 1/2oz Peach Schnapps

1/2oz Vodka

1/2oz Simple Syrup

1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream

Frozen Strawberries


Vanilla Extract


Full Instructions Here!

Saw Drinking Game

(Rules By: https://partypingo.com/saw-2004-drinking-game/)

4. The Ring – “Well Water”


2oz Sake

1oz Coffee Liqueur

1/2oz Lime Juice

1/2tsp Matcha Green Tea

1/4oz Honey

Full Instructions Here!

The Ring Drinking Game

(Rules By: https://partypingo.com/the-ring-drinking-game/)

5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning  – “The Bloody Chainsaw”


1oz Maple Whiskey

1oz Moonshine

4oz Apple Cider

Bacon Bits

Full Instructions Here!

TCM: The Beginning Drinking Game

(Rules By: http://www.drinkingfor.com/Games/4518488424a54f698038c836dadef871/The-Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre-The-Beginning)

6. The Blair Witch Project – “Mud, Blood, & Boogers”





Full Instructions Here!

The Blair Witch Project Drinking Game

(Rules By: https://drunkenme.com/movie-drinking-games/the-blair-witch-project/)

7. Natural Born Killers – “The Six Barrel Shotgun Cocktail”


1oz Gin

1oz Brandy

1oz Rum

3/4oz Simple Syrup

1oz Lemon Juice

3 dashes of Bitters

Full Instructions Here!

Natural Born Killers Drinking Game

(Rules By: https://drunkenme.com/movie-drinking-games/natural-born-killers/)

8. Day Of The Dead (1985) – “Zombie Cocktail”


1oz Light Rum

1oz Gold Rum

1oz unsweetened Pineapple Juice

1oz freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

1oz freshly squeezed Lime Juice

1oz Passion Fruit Syrup

1/2oz Simple Syrup

1 dash Aromatic Bitters

1oz 151-Proof Dark Rum

Fresh Mint Sprig for garnish

Full Instructions Here!

Day Of The Dead (1985) Drinking Game

(Rules By: http://staystillreviews.blogspot.com/2018/05/day-of-dead-drinking-game.html)

9. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Absolut Pleasure”


1.5oz Cherry Brandy

1oz Absolut Vodka

1/4oz Irish Cream

1/4oz Simple Syrup

A few drops of Absinthe

4 Maraschino Cherries

Full Instructions Here!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Drinking Game

(Rules By: https://drinkinggamezone.com/movies/rocky-horror-picture-show/)

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