Behind The Scenes Saturday: Scream 2

Welcome to Day 15 of Spooky Season!! Today is Saturday, so I’m back with another Behind The Scenes Saturday!! I started this series with my all-time favorite horror movie, Scream. Now, I finally found enough pictures to bring you all the follow up, Scream 2! So, suspect everyone, remember the rules to survive, and enjoy these fun trivia facts!!

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  • For one scene in the script, the film’s screenwriter Kevin Williamson described it simply as “Wes Craven will make it scary.”
  • Paulette Patterson won her role in the film in an MTV sponsored contest. She played the usher who handed the Ghostface masks to Maureen (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Phil (Omar Epps).
  • The scenes for “Stab”, Scream’s movie-within-a-movie, were directed by Robert Rodriguez.
  • The original script revealed that Derek (Jerry O’Connell) and Hallie (Elise Neal) were the killers and Mickey (Timothy Olyphant) was just one of the victims. The script had to be changed after an extra on the film leaked the spoilers. After the story change, the identity of the killers were kept under extreme confidentiality. No one in the cast was informed until the last day of principal photography. They didn’t even get the last 10 pages of the script until it was time to shoot them. They even had to sign confidentiality clauses so they couldn’t spoil the ending to anyone.
  • For the role of Derek, actors at the audition were asked to perform the cafeteria scene where Derek sang “I Think I Love You.” Jerry O’Connell ended up winning the role.
  • Kevin Williamson realized there could be more to the Scream story and he started writing for Scream 2 while simultaneously writing the first one.
  • In the scene where Sidney (Neve Campbell) tried to talk to Randy (Jamie Kennedy) about the possibility of another serial killer, Jamie Kennedy randomly spewed out a British accent. When Jamie rewatched the scene in a recent podcast and burst out laughing. He said he had no idea why Randy would just switch accents like that.
  • Just like with the first film, Scream 2 has a reference to Wes Craven’s film, A Nightmare On Elm Street. Freddy Krueger’s iconic sweater can be seen in Sidney and Hallie’s dorm room.
  • Different titles were considered for the film, including Scream Again, Scream Louder, and Scream: The Sequel.
  • When filming ended, Jada Pinkett Smith sent Wes Craven a set of steak knives for Christmas.
  • David Warner (Gus) was chosen by Wes Craven due to his performance in The Omen. Coincidentally, Warner auditioned to play Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare On Elm Street.
  • Reese Witherspoon and Alicia Silverstone were both considered for the role of Cici before Sarah Michelle Gellar landed it.
  • There were references to two of Courteney Cox’s (Gale Weathers) Friends co-stars, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.
  • Rebecca Gayheart auditioned for Tatum Riley in the first Scream film but lost to Rose McGowan. In this film, she auditioned for Hallie, Cici, and Maureen before getting the role of Sorority Sister Lois.
  • Denise Richards was offered a role in the film, but had to turn it down due to scheduling conflict. She later starred with Neve Campbell in Wild Things.
  • The Omega Beta Zeta sorority house was the same house that was used as Miss Trunchbull’s house in Matilda.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jerry O’Connell briefly dated during filming.
  • There was a long-running, although not confirmed, rumor that Wes Craven and Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t get along on set. The rumor was that Gellar displayed diva-like behavior while filming. It’s even been speculated that Scream 3’s Sarah Darling (Jenny McCarthy) was based on Gellar.
  • Tobey Maguire was offered the role of Mickey before Timothy Olyphant got it.
  • The film took nine weeks to shoot.
  • Matthew Lillard had a small cameo in the college party scene. In the background, you can spot him hugging Mickey. It was the filmmakers’ fun way of showing the torch getting passed down from one Ghostface to another.
  • The girl that Cici was talking to on the phone before Ghostface calls was Selma Blair.
  • The man who interviewed Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber) was Kevin Williamson.
  • Wes Craven stated that is was Duane Martin’s idea for his character, Joel to leave the college after Randy’s death. Martin argued that it would be more realistic.
  • A shot of another Ghostface watching over from the campus’s bell tower was originally put in the final scene.
  • Since the leak, there were A LOT of changes to the script. Originally: Dewey (David Arquette) transferred from Woodsboro to security staff at the campus to stay close to Sidney. Randy was Gale’s new cameraman and Joel was a med student and one of Sidney’s friends. Derek was the documentary filmmaker with a camera always with him, not Mickey. Debbie Salt (Laurie Metcalf) was more aggressive and b****y and she ended up getting punched by Gale. Mickey was the one who sang in the cafeteria, and he sang to Hallie, not Sidney. Debbie ended up getting stabbed by Cotton, who later turned on Gale and Sidney as revenge. He stabbed and killed Gale, and he and Sidney stabbed and killed each other. This film might’ve been intended to be the last.
  • Joel was originally supposed to die in the film. Luckily, he was smart enough to bail.
  • When we see Randy’s body, we can see lipstick marks between his thumb and index finger. This was the first nod that one of the killers was a woman.
  • When the killers murder their victims, they both use their left hands. Mickey was left-handed but Debbie was actually right-handed. She intentionally killed with her left hand for her plan to have Mickey take all the blame for the killings.

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